Steve Olsher, Founder of Podcast Magazine on Never Ending Pivots in Business

My guest this week is Steve Olsher, the founder and editor in chief of Podcast Magazine, the host of the hit podcasts Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures and the creator of The New Media Summit live event.

This week we get into the major pivots of every industry, and how to successfully navigate those changes.

Steve has pivoted several times, and has found success in many different businesses over the years. From online marketing with Compuserve's online mall in the 90's, to real estate, to launching Podcast magazine, to a funeral home... The guy knows pivots.

Steve specializes in working with entrepreneurs to leverage the power of podcasting to boost their visibility, share their message with the world and monetize the medium both as an expert guest and as a host.

Unlike most experts that talk about the podcast industry, Steve focuses heavily on how being a guest expert on other people's shows can generate large amounts of revenue.

Steve's live event, The New Media Summit, brings 150 people from around the globe into a room along with 40 top-ranked podcasters.

I've been invited as an Icon of Influence on 3 occasions, and have witnessed firsthand Steve's care and support he gives to each and every attendee.

At the event, attendees actually take the stage and get an opportunity to pitch themselves as a guest to the podcast 'icons of influence.' Everyone at the event leaves with bookings a

In today's conversation, we talk about running live events, Steve's start in podcasting, and what's coming next...



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